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The Power of Arts Integrated Learning

March 4, 2017

Participants engaged in hands-on visual art, theatre and music making experiences that can be applied to literacy learning in their classrooms. Throughout the day, they learned from examples of arts-integrated learning from Chicago public schools, engaged with current exhibitions in the Vero Beach Museum of art, and created their own music and writing from a variety of sources, gaining access to the arts as powerful tools for teaching and learning.  Participants saw how to embrace both English Language Arts Standards and Arts and how to use art strategies to build interdisciplinary, robust lessons for their students.

FEATURED PRESENTER: Cynthia Weiss is an award winning professional artist, program director and arts educator with 30 years experience developing and implementing arts education programs and designing large-scale public art commissions.  She is the Director of Education at the Marwen Foundation and a founding member of the Chicago Arts Partnership in Education (CAPE).
Framing Question: What does it take to integrate the arts into learning, such that students reach a deeper understanding of the content, create a sense of community, and experience hands-on art making that supports literacy development?
Visual Warm-up: Framing the Outdoors
Participants used a paper view finder to explore outside, looking for details and creating compositions by adjusting the frame and changing their point of view. They shared their perspective and views with one another, connecting to the big ideas of the day.

"Power of Arts in the classroom - incredibly important to help students build community and find their voices" - Participant Comment

"[I loved] Looking through the lens to see point of view.  Small square - big lesson." - Participant Comment
Hands-on Art Making: Composing the Outdoors
Participants work with oil pastels to recreate what they see in their frames. Artwork is then displayed in a mini-exhibition for all to critique and share.
Power Point Presentation
Click to download Cynthia Weiss' Slide Show
Writing Monologues: A Window to the Mind
Participants learn how writing and performing monologues can help students develop an understanding of character and put themselves in the story, developing empathy and compassion as well as deeper comprehension of text. Led by TLA Educational Consultant & Teaching Artist Debbi Arseneaux

"Today I had an amazing time.  I got to see some new perspectives and saw creative ways to present art in my teaching." - Participant Comment

Portraits of a Moonshot Community
Participants heard stories from the field about the power of arts integrated learning in action. They had a chance to share their stories, get ideas and inspiration, and connect with colleagues around successes and challenges. Facilitated by TLA Co-Founder and CEO Barbara Hammond
Looking to Learn with Visual Thinking Strategies
Participants learn how to facilitate rich learning conversations with their students that promote critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity while looking at and discussing a work of art. This simple, research-based method offers deep possibilities for student engagement across disciplines. Led by J. Marshall Adams, VBMA Director of Education.
Integrating the Art of Sound
From “found sound” to handmade shakers, participants learn how using music and sound with children can convey meaning with and without words, and impact student engagement in reading.  Led by Bridget Lyons, TLA Community & Family Programs Manager, and Shanti Sanchez, VBMA School, Youth & Community Programs Manager.

"Indian River County is blessed to have such compassionate, dedicated, and enthusiastic people who are striving to make our children the best they can be. Thank you for all you do.” - Participant Comment

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