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This year’s series of workshops will inspire and invigorate educators, providing strategies to create balanced, rigorous and engaging classrooms. Each Saturday workshop will feature internationally renowned educators and local teacher leaders, sharing exciting approaches in education to improve instructional practice. Join us on our learning journey to create highly engaging, innovative Moonshot classrooms that meet the requirements of the 21st century.

Moonshot Institute Presents

2016-2017 Weekend Workshop Series,

The Hero’s Journey

Home-MSI Weekend
Cultivating a Compassionate Classroom - November 5, 2016
Location: Vero Beach Museum of Art
Featuring Hip Hop Performing Artist and Grammy Museum Educator, Konshens the MC, this experience will share take away strategies to cultivate compassion, safety and meaningful talk in your curriculum and classroom.
Participants will engage in a powerful and personal story generating process that culminates in writing and spoken word performance. Learn through doing and add to your toolbox as an empowered educator, ready to reach and teach all your students.
Stories of Place: Exploring the Practice and Possibilities of Placemaking - December 3, 2016
Location: Vero Beach Elementary
Learn how to harness the collective and connective power of community in a classroom environment and how to create experiences that can be translated into transformative large scale community engagement and placemaking events. With presenter Donald King, Program Coordinator at Six Square in Austin, TX and Creative Director of Providence Sound Session in Providence, RI.
The Power of Arts Integrated Learning - March 4, 2017
Location: Vero Beach Museum of Art
In this workshop, we will explore teaching and learning through the arts to deepen understanding and reach higher levels of cognitive thinking and artistic practice. Participants will engage in the big ideas of Perspective and Point-of-View through hands-on art-making, see examples of high quality arts-integrated lessons, and leave with practical tools that can be readily applied in their classrooms. Led by featured presenter: award-winning public artist and arts educator, Cynthia Weiss, director of education at the Marwen Foundation, previous program director of Project AIM at Columbia College Chicago, and a founding member of the Chicago Arts Partnership in Education (CAPE).
Agency by Design: Building Sensitivity to Design through Maker-Centered Learning - May 6, 2017
Location: First Presbyterian Church
​What are YOU going to make today? ​Educational initiatives that emphasize making, design, engineering, and tinkering are gaining traction in schools and organizations across the co​u​ntry.​ ​​Featured presenter, researcher​ ​and author ​Jessica Ross​ from Harvard's Project Zero​​,​​ ​will highlight the benefits for students of maker-centered learning​. Participants will engage with thinking routines​​ developed through the action research strand of the Agency by Design project​ and leave with takeaway strategies to enhance learning​. Those who are familiar with or brand new to the ideas of the Maker Movement, maker-centered learning, and design-focused learning are all ​invited to attend.
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