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The Learning Alliance Micro-credential Program


Micro-credentials are a form of micro-certification earned by proving competence in one specific skill at a time, via a portfolio of evidence, created through classroom practice.


Why is The Learning Alliance offering Micro-credentials?
The Learning Alliance has been providing quality professional development to educators in Indian River County for the past 10 years. We are excited to take the best of our professional development and offer it online through the Bloomboard platform. Our unique Enriched Literacy Framework includes Social Emotional Literacy, Foundational Literacy, and Applied Literacy.  We aim to achieve 90% literacy by third grade through cultivating a continuous learning culture that grows compassionate, creative, literate citizens who will improve our world

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Social Emotional Literacy in The Enriched Literacy Framework

This suite of micro-credentials explores how to create the social and emotional conditions necessary to support foundational literacy development.


Contact us HERE to get pricing details for your school or district* and find out how to get started right away! 

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Using Structures and Prosocial Experiences to Support Social Emotional Literacy  


Educators identify and implement structures and prosocial experiences that support the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL), to ensure strong classroom management and create an environment where ALL children can learn. By putting structures and experiences in place that are foundational to building a safe learning environment, children can succeed academically.

How to Use Instructional Practices that Build



Self-regulation is the ability to notice and regulate one’s thoughts, feelings, and actions in service of a goal. Literacy strategies that are integral to effective instruction and building connections also strengthen students’ ability to self-regulate. By integrating strategies to increase student self-regulation skills, educators help students build skills that foster the resiliency, creativity, compassion, and cognitive flexibility required to be successful in a 21st Century workforce.

Bringing Voices and Values into the Classroom


Learning context and content are a critical part of helping students learn; using strategies to bring students' stories into the classroom helps them to feel valued, seen, and heard. By engaging and connecting 
students to content, each other, and their worlds, educators help students build critical literacy skills and support their social emotional well-being.

*Access to the program includes all three micro-credentials. We request a minimum number of 5 participants, though there is no limit to how many people can join your cohort! The timeline for completion is completely flexible and additional customized support is available.  


Foundational Literacy Micro-credentials:

Building educators’ competencies to teach the science of reading is the focus of this series.

  • Creating a Language Rich Classroom

  • Developing Phonological Skills through Rhythm, Rhyme and Rap

  • How to Build a Brain that Reads: Strategies to Teach Phonics

  • Use Strategies for Effective, Engaging Word Study 

  • Building a Bridge to Comprehension through Fluency 

  • Bringing Words to Life – High Impact Vocabulary Strategies


Applied Literacy Micro-credentials:

This series showcases ways to give students opportunities to apply their learning authentically and with purpose:

  • Deeper Comprehension for Meaningful Learning

  • With Our Words We Create: Engaging Strategies to Develop Writing Skills


enriched literacy graphic.jpeg
enriched literacy graphic.jpeg
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