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Insights and Reflections 


"I loved the morning rituals, hands on learning opportunities, time to practice new techniques/strategies."

"There were so many good ideas that we can bring right into the classroom."


"Loved building a gang - a supportive community, and being a part of something bigger for the common good."

"Bringing in the experts and being able to interact all week with Kurt, Gowri, Wanda, etc., is amazing! Being able to learn from them and pick their brains is such a special experience you can’t get at any other conference! "

"The ideas, strategies and rituals are amazing!"

"I found Liz’s psychology talks deeply intriguing. I look forward to reading many of the books she named."


What Surprised You About the Week? 


"It's a unique and magical place where you can be invited to participate in a weeklong adventure including art making, music and theatrical performance . . . and the only thing asked of you is to share what you have learned with students.  . . . It's the belief that if we make these efforts, creating community, engaging children in learning they find purposeful, nurturing a child both socially and emotionally, we could make a difference. Not just a difference in these children, but a difference in our world. What an honor to be a part of this adventure."


"How meaningful and relevant the material was to all present including classroom teachers, administrators, specialists, assistants, etc."

"The importance of social emotional well being and the creative ways it can be implemented."


The enthusiasm and depth of instruction. The project based learning that we did enabled us to see how it would work with our students.

"How much I learned and exciting projects I can incorporate in my classroom."

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