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Final Reflections

I think my biggest takeaway of the week is that it's okay to make learning fun - it's okay to incorporate "play" into the classroom.
All of the modules fell into place and the end of the week performance was a great simple example of what you can do in the classroom.
I learned how to scaffold writing in a way that doesn't create cookie cutter sentences. I am going to fight for a set time for a morning routine.
Fun, creative ways to teach vocabulary through vocabulary webs and AIMS. I also enjoyed the Bare Bones activity. Great way to teach sentence writing
I connected with educators from many different background and skill sets. It was equal parts gratifying to be a leader in some groups and a learner in others.
Learning depends on interactions, it keeps kids engaged, connected to text and each other . . . I love that I have lots of ideas and activities that I can pull from to introduce text, assure comprehension of text and to apply what was learned!!! I also like the Bare Bones to visually and physically model sentences.
Now I understand how the brain processes reading allowing me the opportunity to teach reading in a more efficient way.
My focus was phonics and writing, which I have learned numerous strategies!! To note, I learned SO MUCH MORE!!
Through learning and experiencing, I feel comfortable and confident bringing these techniques back to my co-workers and my class.
I learned new fun, creative ways to introduce and teach reading comprehension. Through storytelling and role playing.
I desperately needed the foundational literacy teaching skills that you gave us this week. Thank you.
Each day I embraced the commitment at the beginning of the day. For example, I wanted to become bold in meeting new people. I embraced my tasks throughout the week.
I feel confident that I can keep students engaged by using the many activities we learned.
I wanted to learn more about foundational literacy to support my struggling kiddos and meet them where they are. I now have a starting point to springboard my learning journey from and strategies such as say-tap-spell to build phonological awareness.
My goal was to learn how to incorporate social emotional components into literacy lessons. I learned how to tie the lessons into even small group activities, to help students self reflect and regulate.
My goal was to bring as much literacy knowledge back to utilize in my class. This training has given me a plethora of tools!
 I came into this week hoping to expand my skills in teaching to better enable my students to learn. I am leaving the week prepared to make this school year the best ever.
My goal was to be able to teach/support members of my team effectively. I feel like I build better relationships with my teammates, therefore, I was able to support their learning and planning more effectively.
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