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Final Reflections

All of your workshops have been amazing but for me personally, this has been by far the best of all I’ve attended!  
From the first day I had a personal connection to the theme and the whole experience was very educational! and I learned so many strategies I will be able to bring back to the classroom! 
I’d like you all to know how wonderful the entire experience was and how useful it will be to engage my learners. Thank you very much! 
This was the BEST and most useful professional development I have had attending since I began teaching. I can't wait for the next one :-)
Please, please, please keep doing the foundational literacy training you incorporated this week. It was so powerful and eye opening for the teachers at my table who are not already reading endorsed. We are so lucky to have the TLA team on our side!!! 
Great job! Best PD I’ve done this summer (done 3) and one of the best I’ve ever done. Thank you. 
Awesome learning experience as always! Thanks again for bringing the joy back to teaching ! You all are the best ! 
I’m excited to teach reading this year!! Thank you!! 
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