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I could tell a story exercise
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Bringing Standards to Life 

September 19, 2015

Session 1: Bringing Standards to Life, focused on using multi-sensory, engaging literacy strategies to teach the standards.  The workshop revolved around the text, Manfish, A Story of Jacques Cousteau, by Jennifer Berne.  Using this beautiful and rich text, participants learned how to use visual and performing arts to teach vocabulary and comprehension. Building community in the classroom is always an integral part of Moonshot Institute Workshops. The strategies and assessments learned were directly tied to the standards educators are required to teach.

Kurt Wootton is the author of A Reason to Read : Linking Literacy and the Arts; Co-Founder of the Arts Literacy Project at Brown University; and Director of Habla: Center for Language and Culture in Merida, Mexico. He is a leading national expert on using multisensory strategies to build literacy.
Suzanne Ryals is a leading Florida expert on effective standards implementation and consultant who helped lead Glendale Elementary from a F to an A grade

I always leave The Learning Alliance seminars with such motivation to implement new ideas with my kids!

Thank you – Awesome!  - Teacher Comment

Teachers worked in pairs to mimic each others movement, inspired by phrases in the text.  

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Performing Arts students from Indian River Charter High School acted out the story of Manfish: A Story of Jacques Cousteau

Performing Text: Bringing Stories to Life

Missed the workshop?

Video here


Teachers used a cordel to display their work and perform their stories. 

Teachers used a visual arts technique called paper cut outs to recreate the main idea and key details of the text. They also shared stories inspired by the text, making meaningful connections to the themes and content.  See the powerpoint presentation here.


Teachers learned how to deconstruct a standard, create a meaningful essential question and brainstormed ways to apply these new strategies to their unit planning. 

Bringing standards to life in school: student work
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