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Cultivating a Compassionate Classroom

 November 5, 2016

This workshop offered strategies to bring compassion to the classroom while creating impactful and relevant curriculum. Featuring Hip Hop Performing Artist and Grammy Museum Educator, Konshens the MC, educators left ready to reach and teach ALL their students!
Tarik Davis, a.k.a. "Konshens the MC," engaged workshop participants with activities rooted in Theatre of the Oppressed to foster connection with our diverse student population.
Konshens facilitated several community building activities including:
  • Name Gumbo - Introduction of Confusion 
  • Forest of Sounds - Reinforcement of Compassion
  • African Mosquito - Teamwork and Collaboration
Cultivating Compassion:

"When you are vulnerable, you produce great masterpieces!"

- teacher Comment

Who Am I?  Rhyme Lines:
Using the writing prompt "Who Am I?" participants were guided through a writing exercise designed to bring their stories and their voices into the room through rhyming couplets. They presented their final written pieces in the form of a spoken word poem.

"It is possible to write your own rap."- teacher Comment

Big Idea: To cultivate compassion in the classroom, building community and create environments of openness, acceptance, peace and positivity within the educational setting.
Performance Task: An in depth structured creative free write centered around Theatre of the Oppressed and prompt of "Who Am I." Followed by verbal presentation of completed writing.
Engaging All Students - Liz Woody, Director of Professional Development and TLA Co-Founder, explains the states of the brain and the importance of creating an emotionally safe classroom.
Moonshot Moments in Action - Attendees have the opportunity to participate in conversations with administrators and teachers who are creating Moonshot schools and classrooms on their campuses. 

"Great ideas for building community, entering and comprehending text."

 - teacher Comment

Poetry in Motion - TLA Teaching Artist Debbi Arseneaux and featured presenter Konshens the MC, gave strategies to bring poetry to life through theater, music and movement.
Building Community Activity Swap - TLA Educational Consultant, Fran McDonough and participants explored and shared building community strategies to take back to the classroom. 

"Building community is often “organic” and comes from moments in time that are captured and used to connect to one another and have compassion for others." - Participant Comment

What Should I Document? Documentation Manager,  Liz Bahl, presents strategies and tips for capturing meaningful documentation in the classroom.

"321 poems rock to get students ideas out.  No more 'I don’t know what to write.'" - Participant Comment

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