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Anchor Day 1 Summer 18

Day Two (AM): Let's Be Friends

Essential Questions: What makes a friend? How do friends overcome problems? How might we explore relationships through storytelling?


  • Teach students to construct real and imagined narratives - using character, setting, conflict

  • Build imaginative projects around essential questions

  • Help students to understand “problem-solving” through creative solutions.

  • Characters can be examined in deep and meaningful ways

Day 2 Recap Video

Building Community

Story Cubes 

Participants used story cubes to spark short stories told around a circle in small groups. the objects on the cubes provided inspiration for characters, setting, and a problem. 


Character Profiles

i could tell a story.JPG

I Could Tell a Story About. . . 

Participants used the "I could tell a story about" prompt to discover more about the characters in the book. What do we know about Roz and Brightbill so far? After discussing their characteristics they divided into 2 groups: animals and robots and developed their characters using a Character Development template. (animal and robot)

Creating Character Portraits


Participants used their Character Development templates to discuss their characters' qualities and special powers. They used a variety of shapes of colored paper to visually represent their characters and their powers. 

character cordel.JPG

Character Introductions: Speed Dating

speed dating.JPG

Using the characters they just designed, participants took turns, Speed Dating style, getting to know each other's characters. Through asking and answering questions as their characters they further developed the complexity of the characters. This activity scaffolded them for the upcoming story writing activity. 


Using Elephant and Piggie books as a model, Kurt walked  participants through a simple template for story writing that introduces two character, a conflict, and ultimately a resolution. In pairs, participants used this template to then write stories about their animal and robot characters addressing a problem together.

Story Writing


Story Sharing

Participants had the opportunity to share their stories with the group. The Cordel with everyone's characters served as the backdrop.

Julie C.JPG

Show and Share

Julie Carroll, Media Specialist at Rosewood Magnet School, shared the work she has been doing with her students around the Performance Cycle.

Principal Flores credited the work happening in the Innovation Center with building the school's culture of reading.

Day Two (PM): The Future is Now - Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe?

Essential Questions: What does it mean to be artificial? What does it mean to be alive? How do robots impact our world?


  • Use thinking routines to generate rich discussion on a challenging topic

  • Write personal opinion piece informed by various sources of information

  • Be able to connect to various points of view by listening, responding, and citing evidence to support each perspective

Entering & Comprehending Text: Thinking Routines

Connect, Extend, Challenge

After watching a video on the future of work which focused on technology and AI, participants discussed their takeaways. What connections did they make to the video? In what ways does the content extend their thinking? What challenges does it present?


Wows and Wonders

Participants read various articles on robotics and AI that presented a range of opinions and information and responded by writing their thinking on post its and placing them on the articles.

tug of war.JPG

Sentence, Phrase, Word

After reading a brief passage from The Wild Robot, participants wrote one sentence, one phrase and one word from the text that described the essence of the passage. In groups, they discussed the reason for their selections.

gallery walk_edited.jpg


Working in groups, participants read articles on AI and responded with the Sentence, Phrase, Word protocol. Each group had a different article, so they then shared their key takeways with the room. In this way, everyone was exposed to quite a bit of content through close reading and social knowledge construction. 

Tug of War

Participants were then asked to write and discuss their response to the question: What are the challenges and opportunities of artificial intelligence? The had to take on both points of view and reference the articles. 

Creating & Performing Text: "This I Believe"

Using the "This I Believe" template, participants wrote their own essay on what they believe about AI.

performance i believe.JPG
becky i believe.JPG

As a final performance for the day, participants read their "This I Believe" essays to the group.

Reflection & Transfer Time

closing reflection.JPG

Pictures from Day 2

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