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Break Out Sessions

Participants rotated through three small group breakout sessions on Tuesday through Thursday afternoons. They focused on Maker-Centered and Project Based Learning, Social Emotional Literacy and Visual Thinking Strategies in connection with the museum exhibition.

Maker-Centered Learning: PBL (Project Based Learning) in the Classroom

Focus Question: How can Project Based Learning inform and inspire our Moonshot learning journey?

Participants heard from recent attendees of the Buck Institute on PBL.  They collaborated and brainstormed how they might incorporate authentic, real world projects in their curriculum.

Presenters: Leslie Connelly, Fran McDonough & Debbi Arseneaux, TLA Impact Team; Cari Berwick & Anne Smith, Educators at Vero Beach Elementary

Social Emotional Literacy

Focus Question: Why now? How do you support the social emotional development of our students?


Participants explored both the art and science of connection through the lens of neuroscience. 

Liz Remington, TLA Director of Professional Development, delivered an informative session on social emotional literacy (SEL) and the neuroscience behind the importance of SEL on learning, teaching and classroom management.

Learning to Look:

Visual Thinking Strategies & Gallery Exploration

Focus Question: How can we nurture students’ ability to interpret, negotiate, and make meaning from information presented in the form of an image, and thus extend the meaning of literacy beyond spoken or written language?

Shanti Sanchez, School, Youth, and Community Impact Programs Manager & Pam Sommers, Youth & Family Programs Manager at the Vero Beach Museum of Art, provided participants guided tours of the museum exhibit. They viewed art  and participated in a variety of interactive activities, such as using VTS or Visual Thinking Strategies to engage with the art while addressing learning standards and objectives.

Photos from Breakout Sessions

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