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Day 5: A Real Adventure

Essential Question: How do we create a compassionate community that supports risk-taking, perseverance, and adventure?

Day five started with community building and ended with a beautiful culminating performance, which showcased the multitude of skills acquired during the week. Much of the day was spent revising, rehearsing and reflecting.


Let's Return to Our Values

Wanda Lincoln returns to look back on the learning from the week and bring educators back to what they value. Participants brainstorm how they might take what they've learned and create classroom structures that reflect their values.

Ollie's Odyssey, Unit Plan Presentation

Mary Chavers and Megan Stranzin of Rosewood Magnet, presented a first grade unit plan that they will use to kick off the school year based on the text Ollie's Odyssey. The five week unit plan is complete with social emotional routines and strategies taught during the institute. The best part - they have made their plan available for anyone who would like to implement it in their own classroom!

A Performance to Remember

It didn’t matter if something was pretend or real; if it was remembered, then it was true. If it was remembered, then it didn’t go away.  

"Remember" is a good word. - Ollie's Odyssey

Final Reflections - "The End"

"That experience was most awesome.  My mind has been expanded in so many ways. I believe my future in education is now unlimited.  I vow to share with so many students and teachers.  Thank you again many times over!" - Participant Feedback

Photos from Day 5

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