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Anchor Day 5 Summer 18

Day 5: Applied Literacy

With Our Words We Create 

Applied Literacy: To show authentic and meaningful application of learning.
Session Focus Question: How can we communicate and create meaning through the written word?

Session Objectives:

  • Learn dynamic, multisensory, and engaging strategies to develop writing skills

  • Understand that writing is the the highest form of cognitive expression

  • Be able to provide authentic opportunities for students to write with a purpose

Mindful Moonshot Morning Routine

Activity to Unite: This is not a Pencil. This activity was adapted from "This is not a Stick" which can be found on the web-site.

Participants paired up for Micro-storytelling in their Activity to Connect. "If I had a Magic Pencil I would . . ."

Kurt Wootton discusses

the importance of

writing as genuine 

communication and to

build students'



We write to Communicate,

We write to create ourselves,

We write to learn.

Fri - Module #10 and reflection.jpg

Bare Bones Sentences

Liz Remington breaks writing down to the "bare bones." She demonstrates how to help students construct sentences by starting with the basics structure and elaborating.

Letter Writing 101: What's the Point?

Fran and Leslie presented an easy way to teach students how to write a letter and brainstorm ideas. Students are given an authentic reason to write and are applying their knowledge, in this case, by writing a letter to Malala.

Participants were given several strategies to scaffold students for writing: Letter Chant; Rip, Slap, Pass Brainstorming, Line Dance Sharing Protocol, and graphic organizer. Their ultimate goal?  To write a letter to Malala.

The Punctuation Game

Participants created physical gestures for each type of punctuation to reinforce their learning in a multi-sensory way. 

"I learned how to scaffold writing in a way that doesn't create cookie cutter sentences."

- Participant Feedback 

Post Lunch Dancing


Each day, we would move and dance just after lunch to energy our bodies and minds for the second half of the day. 

Collage Performance

Using text, both original and from the book, participants  developed a culminating performance of understanding. Accompanied with live music played by fellow educators, all attendees participated in a beautiful performance based on the text Malala's Magic Pencil.

"All of the modules fell into place and the end of the week performance was a great simple example of what you can do in the classroom". - Participant Feedback

Raining Ideas Protocol

Throughout the week, participants were given a chance to brainstorm how they might transfer what they were learning to their own context. At the end of the week, they shared their ideas with each other. 

"I came into this week hoping to expand my skills in teaching to better enable my students to learn. I am leaving the week prepared to make this school year the best ever." -Participant Feedback

Final Reflections - "The End"

"My professional goal was to walk out feeling confident in my ability to bring these practices back to my classroom. Through learning and experiencing, I feel comfortable and confident bringing these techniques back to my co-workers and my class." - Participant Feedback

Photos from Day 5

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