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Moonshot on Campus

With the 2017-18 Moonshot on Campus initiative, The Learning Alliance is empowering front line educators with the Enriched Literacy tools, knowledge, and skills necessary to enable children to read by third grade through a customized, needs based approach. Nine partnership schools are receiving various levels of support and resources to meet the needs of their students. These include: 

  • K-2 Coach - A highly trained literacy coach focuses on a select number of K-2 classrooms and provides ongoing, targeted support to those teachers and their students.  

  • Third Grade Interventionist - A highly trained literacy specialist works with a small number of third grade students in one-on-one and small group settings to ensure all we achieve the Moonshot Moment Goal of 90% of 3rd graders reading on grade level. 

  • Moonshot Innovation Center - Schools are experimenting with extending classroom learning into the Media Center and other spaces in the school. From maker spaces to environmental learning outdoors, these disruptive innovations are providing more opportunities for students to deepen and apply their learning.    

  • AmeriCorps Tutors - Through a partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters Reads, tutors work one on one with students who need additional literacy help. These tutors also receive training and support from the K-2 coach.

  • TLA Impact Team - The Learning Alliance Professional Development Team provides customized PD and embedded support on demand, including bringing in national education experts. 

  • Moonshot Mondays - A series of professional learning cohorts for those involved in various Moonshot initiatives. Learn more about these collaborative inquiry groups HERE. 

Additionally, seven campuses have a Moonshot Academy after-school Enriched Literacy program. Learn more about these HERE

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