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Day 4: ...And Songs of Yore | Lullabies & I Love You Rituals

Essential Question: How do we create a compassionate community that supports risk-taking, perseverance, and adventure?

Focus Question:

How do we use rituals and routines to build relationships and create a classroom community such that all students are safe and available to learn?


The morning began with each table reciting their Junkyard Gang Greeting and activities to unite, disengage stress, connect and commit.

Snowstorm: (After writing reflections on a piece of paper, students crumble it up and throw it in the air, then they all pick up the “snowball” and read someone else’s reflection.. Can throw and read as many times as you wish.)

Activity to Connect: Blind Whisper


Snowstorm: After writing reflections on a piece of paper, students crumble it up and throw it in the air, then they all pick up the “snowball” and read someone else’s reflection. They can throw and read as many times as you wish.

Give each person a picture of something related to the literature (ex: carnival pictures related to Ollie’s Odyssey) they describe what they see in detail to their partner as they stand back to back.  Then the partner turns around, looks the other in the eye and tries to guess what the picture is.  Then switch.


It was a beautiful morning full of love, music and lullabies. Participants learned the essentials of connecting with each other. They also made connections to the text, Ollie’s Odyssey, as they navigated composing music, writing poetry, "I love you" rituals, and creative play.

Focus Standards:

RL.2.4 - Describe how words and phrases (e.g., regular beats, alliteration, rhymes, repeated lines) supply rhythm and meaning in a story, poem, or song.

MU.2.F.1 - Creating, interpreting, and responding in the arts stimulate the imagination and encourage innovation and creative risk-taking.

(Related Benchmark: MU.2.F.1.1: Create a musical performance that brings a story or poem to life.)

MU.2.O.3 - Every art form uses its own unique language, verbal and non-verbal, to document and communicate with the world.

(Related Benchmark: MU.2.O.3.1: Describe changes in tempo and dynamics within a musical work.)


Bridget Lyons of The Learning Alliance, and Shanti Sanchez of the Vero Beach Museum of Art, led the morning lullaby session.

Showcasing their musical knowledge gleaned from the morning session, participants took turns sharing their newly composed school chants and songs.

Mary Strickler of Sebastian Elementary leads the group in a 4th Grade Fight Song.


With music, song and found objects, participants created a soundscape to accompany their shadow puppet performance. No digital sounds or pre-recorded music allowed. They then added a narration or dialogue from the text, and put together an 2 minute shadow puppet performance of an entire chapter of the book.


Debbi Arseneaux orchestrates and leads the room in creating environmental soundscapes to accompany the text and support the setting details.

Pictures from Day 4

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